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DIS/CLOSURE: Visualizing Chronic Pain and its Side Effects, a collaborative exhibition is on view at the Edgewood College Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin. Click here to view image gallery.

My art examines the interconnectedness between humans, animals, and the natural world, with the primary inspiration being my previous career as a wildlife veterinarian in Africa. As a veterinarian, I was actively and passionately involved in the conservation of endangered species (elephants, rhinos, lions, etc.), and the art I make is a direct response to those experiences. My art serves as a reminder that we rely upon and are connected to the natural world in a myriad of physical and spiritual ways. For example, my sculpture, Intelligent Design, seen above, with its head and body of a giraffe, the front legs of a ballerina, and a large steel wheel for the missing back legs, represents the interdependence of animals and people.

Below is a clip from "The Great African Wildlife Rescue," Episode 1 "Experience of a Lifetime," originally shown on Animal Planet. It follows my colleagues and I as we dart a white rhino on foot in South Africa.

This clip follows my crew and I as we work to capture and care for lions.

You are invited to download my MFA written thesis to read more about my work: high quality images (7MB) or compressed (3MB).